Can’t Afford A Lawyer?

Do It Yourself!

With Divorced and on Your Way you get all of the forms, advice, and information you need to file your divorce “pro se” for a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney. Best of all, this guide was written BY AN ATTORNEY!

So many people are ready to move on with their lives, but the price tag of divorce ($2,000 to $50,000.00) is cost-prohibitive for a lot of people. Kimberly Moss decided she wanted to lower the barriers to entry for Texans seeking a divorce.

Attorney Moss’ principal office is located in Sugar Land, Texas, but her advice is applicable to any Texan looking for guidance on how to properly file their own divorce.

Sure, there are lots of free forms on the internet that claim to be all that you need to file for divorce in Texas on your own, but do those forms come with instructions? NO! Is there anywhere you can go for clear advice on what to do at each step of the divorce process? Not really.

Divorced and On your Way…is here to bridge the gap!

Check out this checklist to see if this book is a good investment for you:

  1. Do you have kids? (Y) (N)
  2. Do you have the $300.00 filing fee? (Y) (N)
  3. Do you know where your spouse lives? (Y) (N)
  4. Do you have access to the computer, the internet, and a printer? (Y) (N)
  5. Can you follow instructions? (Y) (N)
  1. If you do NOT have kids, this guide is for you.
  2. If you DO have the $300.00 filing fee to start the divorce process, this guide is for you.
  3. If you DO know where your spouse lives, that’s great. This guide is for you. If you do NOT know where your spouse lives, that’s okay. This guide has advice for how to deal with that issue.
  4. If you DO have computer, internet, and printer access, this guide is for you!
    If you CAN follow instructions, congratulations! You’re on your way to a new life!