Who is Kimberly Moss, and why should I use her guide instead of a free divorce form?

Hello from the AuthorKimberly D. Moss is a licensed Texas divorce attorney who graduated from UT law school in 2010 and went into private practice from a corporate job in 2012. She helps people move on with their lives and writes in an easy-to-understand style free of legalese. Her guide includes all of the forms you will need to file for divorce from start to finish.

Unlike most free forms, her guide also provides tips and advice on how to fill out each form, and the steps needed to complete a divorce on your own. Best of all, she provides her contact information so that if you have questions about how to use the guide, you can get feedback from her!

Buying the guide is like getting a consultation and a trusted partner in your pro-se divorce without the expensive cost of hiring an attorney. For more information about Kimberly, check out her firm website: http://mosslawhouston.com/kimberly-d-moss/

Once I buy this book how do I start the process?

You must pay the required filing fee to file your original petition (the first document found in the book). The filing fee is assessed by your county, and will typically cost between $270.00 and $320.00.

What forms are included in the guide?

The original petition, waiver of service, a motion for substitute service, motion to appoint attorney ad litem, agreed divorce decree, default divorce decree, certificate of last known address and military service affidavit are included in the guide.

I’m not much of a reader. How long is this guide?

The guide is 56 pages from start to finish, so it’s a short read, and is more of a “how-to” guide than a book.

Let’s talk turkey. How much does it cost?

The guide costs $89.00. You can pay for it through PayPal using your PayPal balance or any major credit card. Once you pay for the guide, it will be emailed to you as a PDF file within 24 hours of your purchase.

I’d like the forms in a format where I can fill them in electronically rather than having to write them in by hand. How can I get that?

The document files are available as formatted WORD files for an additional fee of $49.00. You can order the forms through PayPal using your PayPal balance or any major credit card. Once you pay for the forms, they will be emailed to you as formatted WORD files within 24 hours of your purchase.

Can I use this guide if I have children?

It’s NOT recommended that people with children use this guide. Child support, medical support, and the best interest of your child are not topics covered in the guide. Although parents may choose to go this route and file their divorce pro-se, this guide is NOT intended for people with children.

What should I do if I have questions along the way? 

First, you should re-read the guide to make sure your question hasn’t been answered somewhere within the text. If you’re still confused, send Kimberly an email at the email address found in the introduction. Her typical response time is within 72¬†hours.

Does buying this book make Kimberly my attorney?

Unfortunately, no. Please read the DISCLAIMER (at the bottom of this page). If you’d like to consult with Kimberly about your divorce, you may certainly do so separately from your purchase of the guide. Her firm website is www.mosslawhouston.com and phone number is (713) 574-8626.IMG_6044